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Podręczniki 2021/2022

In November 2003 this school band began its regular attempts and performances. It was possible with the help of Henryk Gajęcki, the director of Wieluński Dom Kultury (Wieluń Culture House), who accessed the hall, equipment and the instructor. It was also possible thanks to Zbigniew Wiśniewski, the director of The First Secondary School named after Tadeusz Kościuszko, who patroned the young team from the school side. That is why when this band appears they present themselves as the youth of I LO who work together with WDK.

Since the beginning of existence of the band called TNNR (this short cut was suggested by Przemek Chmielewski) it actively takes part in the life of our school, town, district and province. They started with school events like BUDA but at present they appear at song competitions and festivals. They also take part in undertakings such as Wieluń Days, WOŚP and WDK festivals in Konopnica,

The band do not expect to do a big career, but it has got a couple of successes like:

  • the main award and the main place at the festival “Warta Song” in Działoszyn
  • awards in 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions of the Province Festival of Singing Poetry “Between an Attic and a Cellar”
  • numerous 1st places in the Province Song Festival in Załęcze Wielkie
  • our vocalist Justyna Dłubek reached the province eliminations in the 51st All-Poland Recitation Contest- the Tournament of Singing Poetry in Łódź.

The main problem of the band is that the team members change all the time. School specific is its term, so systematically, every year the band has to do some changes in its composition. It is a problem when they choose a repertoire. Moreover, former members and friends of the band are often invited to some performances.Young talented teenagers are also looked for as it is an ivestment in the future.

The biggest “stars” who appeared in TNNR are: Marcin Moździerz, Szymon “Myszy” Matlak, Marek Olszewski, Arek Drapiewski, Kasia Bieniek, Martyna Sztandera, Ania Marczak, Ania Grabowska, Bartek Wilk, Iza Spaleniak, Michalina Tobis, Michał Duda, Tybek Łuczak, Mateusz Żak, Adrian Michałczyk and Dominik “Pilnik” Suligowski as a guest.

The repertoire of the band is very diversified: from classical music, jazz and pop to rock. They are very difficult compositions which require more work but are very spectacular and show their potential much better. Since the very beginning, the band´ s guardian is Mirosław Szymul and the music instructor from WDK- Ryszard Zawadzki. The youth also benefit from the help of Iwona Kania, Zofia Szymanek, Janusz Kawula, Zbigniew Szpikowski, krzysztof Siudmak and Jarosław Strzała

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